ACtivities for Children During Lent

Lenten Calendar: 40 Crosses - Each day, your child can color a calendar of crosses with the color that corresponds to what they have done that day. This is a great way to raise children's awareness of the days of Lent. Click here to print the calendar.

40 bags in 40 days. Instead of or in addition to giving up something for Lent, you could purge a bag's worth of stuff every day during Lent. You choose the size of the bag, and you should definitely make it a family affair. (Unless, of course, you are purging toys or something, and then maybe you don't want to get the kids involved. ha!) Just think of how clean your home will be by Easter!

Our Taking Faith Home inserts have activities for kids each week.  Consider committing to having a Caring Conversation, doing the Devotion, trying the Service project or doing one of the Rituals and Traditions from Taking Faith Home each week.

Read the Bible everyday. You can use the readings from Taking Faith Home or try out the Bible for Kids app and explore one story a day.