Session 1 -  10 am  - 12 pm -  Encouraging Leadership, Part I: Relationships, Listening and The Inspiring Purpose

 Video Session 1 (~ 50 min) – We want help raising up leaders/Why isn’t it working/Leadership is about coming alongside - the conversation Rob Droste refers to initially is the conversation we had with Dwelling on the Word on the story of the Prodigal Son.

Video Session 1a (~ 5 min) Who led the way?

Video Session 1b (~ 3 min) Listening

Video Session 1 c (30 min) Listening/walking with others.  How do you approach a new person at coffee hour? How do you support/ walk with other leaders in our church?

Video Session 1d (~ 7 min) The great purpose.  Where are you with the great purpose?


Session 2 – 1 pm  - 3:30 pm -  Encouraging Leadership, Part II: Coming Alongside for Results

 Video Session 2a (~ 47 min) What happened after you conversations at the last session? The principle of leadership.

 Video Session 2b (~ 45 min) The Experience of raising up leaders, creating sustained good relationship