Observing Advent 2017

Advent begins December 3.  Below are a few suggestions to observe Advent.

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Advent Online

Join our Advent Facebook group to get a reflection each day of Advent and a response from Rev. Anne-Marie.  Join in the discussion as you wish.

An Advent Wreath

Lighting the candles on an Advent wreath in the weeks leading up to Christmas is a great way to help us remember that we are preparing to celebrate the birth of Christ. In church, every week another candle is lighted as we journey towards Christmas.

As we do in church, it is customary to have an Advent wreath in our homes and to light a candle for each week of Advent.  Prayers typically accompany the lighting and this can be done at every evening meal or on the first evening meal of the week. Click here for a booklet of prayers to use with your Advent wreath.  Suggestions for a simple Advent wreath can also be found in the booklet.

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An Advent Devotional

This booklet, Moving towards the Manger, has a scripture reading and devotional readingfor each day of Advent.  They are available at church.


For Advent, consider reading a devotional every day.  The daily devotional, Discovery, is available online and you can sign up for a daily email to receive that day's devotional.